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Sawgrass Plantation is located in the heart of over 5,000 acres of beautiful Alabama countryside in the land known as the “Black Belt” region of the state. Whether you’re on a corporate or personal retreat, you’ll find whitetail deer and other game in abundance, terrain that is managed to provide perfect cover, six fishing lakes and staff who roll expertise and Southern hospitality into one. Sawgrass Plantation caters to your needs providing an experience that will last a lifetime! Don’t wait; plan your Sawgrass Plantation hunting retreat today! All hunts are semi-guided.

Whitetail Deer Hunt

“Fair chase” is the name of the game at Sawgrass Plantaion.Located in the heart of the Black Belt, known for huge antler growth. Extensive work on burning and off-season feed programs ensures a consistent harvest of 140 – 160 class deer on this prime Black Belt property.

They have limited dates for hunting so as not to put too much pressure on the game and 15 shooting houses that range from tall to short and another 35 sturdy metal ladder stands along with 30 green fields to choose from. There are hardwood bottoms, creeks and old watering holes located throughout the property. You may bring your own tree stand if you prefer.

Dove Hunt

Wild dove are attracted to Sawgrass’s rolling fields and planted crops. The hardwood and cedar areas provide easy visibility and the terrain is managed to provide the perfect cover. You are bound to shoot your limit on your next hunt at Sawgrass. Dogs are welcome at our kennels.

Duck Hunt

Located in the edge of the flyway, the lakes and ponds provide the perfect feeding and bedding areas, made easy for these wild ducks to find. A 15–acre pond naturally grows its own seed that attracts all kinds of ducks as well as flooded timber in a 62-acre lake that has Japanese millet planted around parts of the bank.

Hog Hunt

Wild hogs are attracted to Sawgrass’s range of timber, ravines, and crops planted. The hardwood and cedar areas provide easy visibility. You are bound to see your dream hog on your next hunt at Sawgrass.


All will experience some of the best bass fishing of their lives in Sawgrass Plantation’s well stocked 62-acre lake. At Sawgrass you will launch your boat from the concrete landing or rent a bass boat with a foot trolling motor. Enjoy a great day on the water for couples, fishing buddies, or a parent wanting to create a lasting memory.

What to Expect

The staff at Canterbury Hunting Lodge wants you to have the hunt of a lifetime. There is no better place to share quality time with your family or friends than in the woods on a cool, crisp fall or winter morning or in the spring when the turkeys are gobbling. Canterbury Hunting Lodge’s goal is to see that you have that experience in the nice relaxed atmosphere that you will find at Canterbury Hunting Lodge.

They offer deer, turkey, quail, and wild boar hunting. If small game is your pleasure, you can combine the above with a squirrel, rabbit or duck hunt. Coyotes and bobcats have been known to show up on occasion. The Lodge is a great place to introduce your son or daughter to hunting.

The Lodge includes 1,300 acres of diverse habitat ranging from recent clear cuts to pine plantations to mature hardwood bottoms. There are shooting houses on 24 food plots, as well as 35 ladder stands in wooded areas. The hunts are designed to allow you to hunt at your own pace and leisure.


2600 Highway 116
Emelle, AL 35459

(205) 799-5449
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