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Bent Creek Lodge, located in West Central Alabama, is home to some of America’s finest whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey. Owners Leo Allen and John Lanier have turned what was once family hunting land into one of the nation’s top-ranked custom hunting facilities. Started in 1982, Bent Creek Lodge now has over 30,000 acres of prime hunting land and is located in the Sunbelt where temperatures vary. Highs usually range from 60 degrees to 80 degrees and cold front temperatures can dip into the 20’s at night with daily highs of 30 degrees to 40 degrees. We suggest hunters layer thermals and outer hunting apparel. Guests provide their own firearms and gear which should include flashlights.

Bent Creek Lodge accommodates gun hunters and bow hunters. Spread out over the 30,000 acres are 200 green fields which are rotated to keep hunting pressure at a minimum and success to a maximum. To satisfy all types of hunters the land is divided into two areas. They are semi-trophy and trophy. Each day hunters choose which area they will hunt. You may call for specific details about each area. The trophy area includes over five miles of river front on the Tombigbee River known as Dean Swamp. Dean Swamp has always flourished with wildlife. Years ago, when wildlife was not plentiful elsewhere, game was trapped here to populate other areas of the state. None of the land has ever been open to the public.


843 Bent Creek Road
Lisman, AL  36912  

(205) 398-3040
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