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Opened as a private spa in 1838, visitors to Bladon Springs traveled from all over the country to benefit from the “curing” properties of the park’s four mineral wells. In 1846, a large Greek Revival hotel was built to accommodate the influx of visitors. This health resort was once called the “Saratoga of the South” and remained open through the Civil War. The State of Alabama purchased the property in 1934 and converted the location to a state park.

Bladon Springs State Park is a Stop on Alabama’s Black Belt Birding Trail.

While the resort hotel is gone, visitors to Bladon Springs State Park can still refresh themselves in the tranquility of this rural location. Peace and quiet are hallmarks of this forested setting making it an excellent camping and wildlife viewing location. Birders will also love Bladon Springs, which is stop on Alabama’s Black Belt Birding Trail. Expect to see a wide variety of song birds, wood peckers and raptors.


The park features both day-use activities and and overnight accommodations. Several picnic pavilions, walking trails and a playground provide public enjoyment. The campsites can be rented by contacting the Park Manager at (205) 574-0937.

Hours of Operation

Bladon Springs is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to sundown. If anyone has questions they can call the office of Choctaw County.


3921 Bladon Road
Silas, AL  36919  

(251) 754-9207
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