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“Alabama, they say is like one big front porch where folks gather on summer nights to tell tales and to talk family. Everybody they say is kin to everybody else ―or knows somebody who is. It’s a sprawling porch stretching from the Tennessee River valley to the sandy Gulf beaches with its sides sometimes slipping over into Mississippi and Georgia. The taletellers don’t all look alike, and they don’t all talk alike but the stories they tell are all alike in their unmistakable Southern blend of exaggeration humor pathos folklore and romanticism. Family history is woven into the stories. And pride. And humor. Always humor.”

– Kathryn Tucker Windham

The small towns in this 12-county region offer a sense of history and heritage, long walks and back roads, food for the soul, and plenty of adventure off the beaten path. Come, join us on our front porch, and sit a spell!  Tell a story to someone you love.

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Discover Southwest Alabama

Choose a spot and discover just some of the treasures found in Southwest Alabama's 12-county region including Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Dallas, Escambia, Lowndes, Marengo, Monroe, Perry, Sumter, Washington and Wilcox Counties.

From savoring the farm-to-table experience, exploring the Tombigbee, tiptoeing through Alabama's Ghost Trail, or simply enjoying the small-town ambiance, Alabama’s Black Belt has much to offer.

Conecuh Sumter Escambia Choctaw Washing-ton Marengo Clarke Perry Dallas Wilcox Lowndes Monroe


Discover Conecuh

In Conecuh County, you’ll find historic sites, unique trails and waterways through the wilderness, and one of Alabama’s most beloved sausage companies. If you’re looking to escape from the bustling urban life, come on down. Several sites can be found in the county seat, Evergreen, but other notable stops are in Repton and Paul.

Explore Conecuh County


Discover Sumter County

Stop by Sumter County  and experience the south. Whether you enjoy exploring the Gainesville historic district, immersing yourself in the local arts, culture and history, or exploring the natural wonders Sumter has to offer, there is something here for everyone. Be sure to stop in the communities of Livingston, York, and Gainesville.

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Explore Escambia

Escambia's landscape is rich with natural beauty. From the many lakes and waterways and forests, there are endless outdoor adventures to experience. Escambia is also home to the Poarch Creek Indians and the Wind Creek Casino featuring a casino, 7 bars and restaurants, plus an infinity pool, a fitness center and gift shop. There’s also an on-site cinema, amphitheater, arcade, bowling alley and golf course, as well as a spa. 

Explore Escambia County


Choctaw County Treasures

When you visit Choctaw County, you will find historic sites, hundreds of miles of adventure- worthy nature, marshy lakes, and all the catfish you could dream of eating. The Tombigbee River runs through the county, making the area a haven for fishers. Be sure to stop in the communities of Bladon Springs, Gilbertown, and the county seat, Butler.

Explore Choctaw County


Washington County Adventures

Welcome to Alabama’s first county! There are plenty of ways to scratch your outdoor adventure itch with everything from birding to golfing to camping to offroading to exploring archeological sites or healing springs. For the nature-weary, spend some time at a museum or kick back and relax at a historic bed and breakfast.

Explore Washington County


Marengo County Adventures

This river county is filled with boating and water adventures galore. One might sightsee at the majestic White Bluff in Demopolis, a part of the Selma Chalk Formation. When you need a break from the water, architectural and historical sites spanning from the 1800s will give you a glimpse into the past with French influence.

Explore Marengo County


Clarke County Adventures

Stop by Clarke County to travel and experience the south. Whether you enjoy exploring the expansive wetlands, immersing yourself in the local arts, culture and history, or delighting your tastebuds as a foodie, there is something here for everyone. Be sure to stop in the communities of Thomasville, Jackson, and Grove Hill.

Explore Clarke County


Perry County Gateway

Home to Coretta Scott King and some of the earliest colleges for women, Perry County honors many of Alabama’s phenomenal women. Adventure-seekers can find everything from outdoor experiences to historical museums and tours to culturally influential arts. Visit Perry County, the Gateway to Alabama’s Black Belt.

Explore Perry County


Dallas County Adventures

Step back in time when you visit Dallas County, a place where Civil War and civil rights history intersect with stunning arts and archeological sites for a rich culture and heritage. This is the place that inspired important public figures of the past and continues to ignite passion in future generations. For civil rights enthusiasts, Selma is a must-stop en route to Montgomery.

Explore Dallas County


Discover Wilcox County

Wilcox County is home to hidden gems that have influenced the culture of Alabama, including Gee’s Bend, a settlement of quilters with works found in the Smithsonian. Visitors can also find historical sites, including those from the civil rights era, and plentiful land for hunting. Wilcox County is the perfect spot for outdoor or cultural enthusiasts

Explore Wilcox County


Lowndes County Adventures

Home to the moss-draped oaks on the banks of Woodruff Lake, Lowndes offers plenty for the sportsmen including many outdoor activities such as  boating, fishing, water skiing, jet-skiing, hiking, swimming, biking and canoeing. When you’re ready for a delicious meal, grab some BBQ or fried fish at one of the local restaurants and stop by Priester’s Pecans for snacking and gifting.

Explore Lowndes County


Exploring Monroe County

For fans of To Kill A Mockingbird, Monroe County, birthplace of Harper Lee, is a must-see. A county with literary influences, history that spans hundreds of years, and quaint downtown shopping, there are several ways to feed your adventure. When you’re done, don’t forget to feed your stomach at one of the local mom-and-pop shops & restaurants.

Explore Monroe County