Tell A Story: Famous People

Southwest Alabama produced and shaped many influential people, contributing to the fields of literature, sports, and civil rights. Notable figures include author Harper Lee, soccer legend Mia Hamm, and civil rights icon Coretta Scott King. These figures, among others, have deepened the region’s cultural richness and global recognition.


Dallas County

Mia Hamm

Born in 1972 in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama, Mia Hamm is considered one of the greatest female soccer players in history. She was a key player for the U.S. women’s national soccer team, winning two World Cups and two Olympic gold medals. Her dynamic play and influence have significantly elevated the status of women’s soccer globally.

Dallas County

Asher HaVon

Born and raised in Selma, Alabama, Asher HaVon discovered his passion for music at a young age and has been honing his craft ever since. With a unique blend of R&B, pop, and soul influences, HaVon’s music resonates with listeners on a deep level, touching their hearts and inspiring them to embrace their emotions. In fact, Asher HaVon was Crowned Winner of NBC’s The Voice Season 25!  

Conecuh County

Warren Henry

Warren Elliot Henry, born in 1909 in Evergreen, Alabama, was a renowned physicist, inventor, and educator. Graduating from Tuskegee Institute, Henry later completed his ph.D from the University of Chicago before joining Lockeed, developing fiber-optic devices for missile and submarine detection, contributing to studies on magnetic susceptibility, and much more.

Escambia County

Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield, born in 1962 in Escambia County, Alabama, is an esteemed former professional boxer. Competing from 1984 to 2011, he held multiple world championships in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions and is the only boxer in history to become the undisputed champion in two weight classes. Noted for his comeback ability, Holyfield’s impact on boxing is undeniable.

Perry County

Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King, born in 1927 in Perry County, Alabama, was an influential civil rights activist and wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She carried on her husband’s legacy after his assassination, establishing the King Center and championing the creation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Her tireless advocacy for equality and justice has left a lasting impact.

Monroe County

Harper Lee

Harper Lee was born in 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama, Harper Lee was an acclaimed American novelist. She is best known for To Kill a Mockingbird, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel addressing racial injustice in the South. Despite having only published two books during her lifetime, her work left an indelible mark on American literature. She passed away in 2016.

Dallas County

Charlie Lucas

Born in 1951 in Birmingham, Alabama, Charlie Lucas is a renowned self-taught artist whose paintings and sculptures have been curated in public and private collections across the globe. Early experiences in metal works and the people and landscape of the Black Belt, influenced his art. Lucas moved to Selma in 2004 and still  creates art is his warehouse studio/gallery there. 

Clarke & Dallas Counties

Kathryn Tucker Windham

Kathryn Tucker Windham was a renowned American storyteller, author, and photographer, born in 1918 in Alabama. She’s best remembered for her series of Jeffery Ghost Books, turning local folklore into popular literature. Windham also co-founded the National Storytelling Festival, solidifying her reputation as a cultural conservator and influencer. She passed away in 2011.