Tell a Story

There’s no better place to tell a story to someone you love than on an Alabama front porch. Sit back, relax, and learn more about the region below.


Local storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham described Alabama as “one big front porch where folks gather on summer nights to tell tales and to talk family.” Well, we reckon she was right. In Southwest Alabama, the small towns in this 12-county region offer a sense of history and heritage, long walks and back roads, food for the soul, and plenty of adventure off the beaten path. There’s so much to see and do; you’ll be worn slap out.

Southwest Alabama has some ghost stories that’ll have you shaking harder than a leaf during tornado season. This region is a hotbed of spectral folklore with ghost stories passed down for generations. These tales, chilling and riveting, echo the region’s rich history and diverse cultures. From haunted plantations to spectral civil war soldiers, these ghost stories continue to captivate locals and visitors, contributing to the region’s cultural fabric. In these videos, Author Kathryn Tucker Windham and members of the community speak to the importance of storytelling.

Southwest Alabama produced and shaped many influential people, contributing to the fields of literature, sports, and civil rights. Notable figures include author Harper Lee, soccer legend Mia Hamm, and civil rights icon Coretta Scott King. These figures, among others, have deepened the region’s cultural richness and global recognition.

Southwest Alabama is powered by folks committed to preserving its cultural heritage and uplifting the community. These partners range from local arts councils and educational institutions to statewide and national organizations. Their collective efforts serve to boost economic development, strengthen cultural tourism, and maintain the region’s rich historical legacy.