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On the Walk Monroeville walking tour, visitors will become immersed in our local history with each step they take. The route takes visitors down some of the city’s most prominent streets, bringing you past dozens of historic sites.

Whether you’re located just around the bend or several states away, Monroeville, Alabama has something for every knowledge-seeker out there. To get a sweeping look at some of the major historical and literary sites our city has to offer – and encounter some true southern hospitality along the way – visitors and long-time residents alike are invited to take a stroll on Visit Monroeville Al’s Monroeville walking tour.

This tour includes many sites that are ingrained in Monroeville history, including the original county jail and the City Hall of Monroeville. Plus, for those drawn to our town by Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird, there are several spots on this tour that touch on its history, including Lyle Salter Park and the Otha Lee Biggs Amphitheater.

An extra stop visitors love is Mel’s Dairy Dream, which is an old-fashioned, drive-in restaurant that instantly transports diners to the 1950s. But for literary lovers, this spot isn’t just a restaurant; it’s also the site of Harper Lee’s original home.


Begin at The Old Courthouse
31 N. Alabama Avenue.
Monroeville, AL 36460

(251) 743-2879
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