Dallas, Perry & Wilcox Counties

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Chasing Shadows: Exploring Ghost Tours in Dallas, Perry, and Wilcox Counties, Alabama

Few regions in the United States are as steeped in history and rich in folklore as the Black Belt region of Alabama, encompassing the counties of Dallas, Perry, and Wilcox. Known for its dark, fertile soil, the Black Belt has been the stage for tales of the uncanny and supernatural, passed down through generations and preserved through the work of renowned storytellers like Kathryn Tucker Windham. To truly immerse oneself in the spectral folklore of the Black Belt, one must embark on the various ghost tours offered within these counties, providing a haunting and unforgettable journey into the region’s past.

The Ghosts of the Black Belt

The Black Belt region, named for its fertile soil, is a place where the line between past and present often blurs, lending itself to tales of lingering spirits and supernatural phenomena. From the spectral soldiers of the Civil War to restless spirits haunting antebellum mansions, these tales have been an integral part of the region’s folklore. The Dallas, Perry, and Wilcox ghost tours offer a fascinating lens into these stories, allowing visitors to experience firsthand the haunted history of the Black Belt.

Live Oak Cemetery Haunted History Tours

In Selma, Dallas County, the Live Oak Cemetery stands as a haunting testament to the region’s turbulent past. Established in the 1820s, the cemetery houses the remains of prominent Alabama figures and unnamed Civil War soldiers. The Live Oak Cemetery Haunted History Tours guide visitors through the cemetery’s winding paths, beneath ancient oaks draped in Spanish moss, recounting tales of the figures interred there.

Visitors often recount feelings of unease as they pass the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum, the resting place for a confederate hospital’s unknown soldiers. Whispered accounts tell of ghostly apparitions and soft, sorrowful laments that fill the night air. These stories, passed down through generations, contribute to the eerie allure of the cemetery.

Old Cahawba’s Haunted History Tours

Moving onto Perry County, the ghost town of Old Cahawba, once Alabama’s state capital, offers another facet of the Black Belt’s spectral folklore. Today, Old Cahawba Archaeological Park organizes Haunted History Tours, taking visitors on a journey through the town’s deserted streets, recounting chilling tales of its past residents.

Notable among these is the ghostly apparition of a young woman known as Pegue’s Ghost. Believed to be the spirit of a young woman who died of a broken heart, her sorrowful figure is often seen wandering near her family’s abandoned home. The spectral sightings and eerie tales are reminders of the human stories that underpin the town’s history.

Ghost Trail with Kathryn Tucker Windham

A tour of Alabama’s Black Belt region would be incomplete without visiting the haunts made famous by local legend Kathryn Tucker Windham. Born in Selma, Windham grew up surrounded by the region’s folklore, which later inspired her popular “Jeffery Ghost Books” series.

The Ghost Trail, based on Windham’s work, takes visitors across Wilcox County, visiting haunted sites that inspired her stories. From the apparitions at the antebellum Gaines Ridge Dinner Club to the alleged spectral soldiers at the Snow Hill Institute, Windham’s stories add a riveting narrative layer to the tour. Her tales, brought to life in these ghost tours, offer a unique intersection of folklore and local history, enthralling locals and visitors alike.

Windham’s stories also illustrate a fundamental aspect of the Black Belt’s ghostly lore: its roots in the region’s history and culture. The supernatural tales, despite their otherworldly characters, echo the struggles, triumph